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Thermocouple Welding Equipment

TMS Europe's selection of portable & bench top capacitance discharge welders, caters to a range of engineering requirements. Though designed specifically for thermocouple and fine wire welding requirements, most welders offered are able to perform wider welding functions highly efficiently making them the perfect multi-use addition to any instrument workshop.

TMS TW158 Compact Portable Thermocouple Welder

Product Code: WELD-TW158
TMSs effective, light weight battery, low cost thermocouple wire welder is small and ideal for occasional onsite welding. It fits in the engineers tool kit allowing autoclave engineers etc. to produce and weld thermocouple from wire reels on site. More Details...


TMS TW163 Portable Thermocouple Welders

Product Code: WELD-TW163#
The TW163 with its rechargeable battery is a little heavier (but still very portable) than the TW158, but its well suited to more consistent and heavier use whilst retaining its portability. 

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TMS Weld-A-Wire II Bench-top Thermocouple Welder

Product Code: WELDAWIRE2
Capable of making rapid thermocouple junctions, but also impact and spot welding the Weld-A-Wire is an invaluable addition to any instrument workshop. Designed primarily for production of fine wire thermocouples and attaching tails to MI thermocouples, it has found applications in a number of industries. More Details...


TMS SW12V Portable/Bench-top Thermocouple/Pin/Wire Welder

Product Code: WELD-SW12V
TMSs high performance rechargeable, multi-use welder is designed for a wide range of welding applications. Portable or Bench-top makes this a must have for any engineer and instrument workshop, while retaining the ability and portability to weld studs and wires in the most inaccessible places. It is designed for portability and heavy use. More Details...


Web Shop » Temperature Sensors & Accessories » Thermocouple Welding Equipment


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